Nissan gives Juke-R green light

Nissan gives Juke-R green light

May 9, 2012

In what has to be the most unexpected motoring news since Volkswagen called 'checkmate' on Porsche, Nissan has announced that it will produce a limited run of the crazy Juke-R super crossover.

Initially planned as a concept 'to marry two of Nissan's most innovative models' (Nissan's words not ours) the Juke-R was so well received at its launch as the pace car for the Dubai 24 hours that three firm offers for the car were received from high profile clients, including a 'well-respected member of Dubai society'.

Nissan will build the 3.8-litre, 260km/h Juke-R on request with order books opening in the coming weeks. No official word yet on prices but we expect the Juke-R to come with a hefty premium over the GT-R on which it is based. Somewhere around €190,000 perhaps.

Whereas the concept cars were built using a MY10 GT-R the production models will use the newer MY12 platform meaning a power increase from 492- to 553hp resulting in a 0-100km/h time of just over three seconds.

To go with the Juke-R's announcement Nissan has released a video, entitled Desert Nemesis, which shows GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez pitting the Juke-R against supercars from Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. Turn the speakers up, enjoy and when you are done email to register your interest in the car.

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