New nine-speed Evoque

New nine-speed Evoque

Aug 22, 2013

New nine-speed Evoque

What's the news?
A range of updates has been announced for the 2014 model Range Rover Evoque. On sale in the fourth quarter of 2013 the new Evoque comes with a nine-speed automatic transmission, which helps reduce CO2 emissions. There is also more equipment including the debut of Land Rover InControl connected car technology.

Land Rover has kept the styling of the Evoque largely unchanged, altering details rather than going for wholesale revision. There is a new style badge on the grille, wheel centres and tailgate while four new alloy wheel styles are available.

The InControl connected technology is available as an option and comprises two features: InControl Remote and InControl Secure. Remote triggers an SOS call to the emergency services informing them of the car's position in the event of an accident. A concealed button in the roof console allows the system to be activated manually while a second button allows the driver to contact Land Rover Assistance should a technical problem arise.

Secure provides vehicle tracking should the Evoque be stolen. A silent alarm is triggered at a secure operating system and 'advanced tracking technology' helps to locate the vehicle with the service provider providing information to the relevant authorities. The system means that the Evoque complies with the Thatcham Category 6 standard.

Engine choices remain as before with 150- and 190hp 2.2-litre diesel options and 240hp petrol units. These can be specified with the new nine-speed automatic transmission from ZF. Gear shifts are said to be below the threshold of perception and there is an adaptive shift pattern to quickly match to the driving style. When combined with the new Active Driveline fuel economy is improved by 11.4% with CO2 emissions cut by 9.5% - the best figures for the 2014 Evoque are 57.6mpg and 129g/km.

Active Driveline is an option that provides four-wheel drive on demand to improve fuel consumption and agility. Most of the time the system runs in front-wheel drive only but takes 300 milliseconds to provide drive to the rear wheels. An electronic rear differential (e-Diff) distributes torque between the back wheels to improve traction and stability. Initially Active Driveline is only available with petrol power.

Standard on all drivelines is Torque Vectoring by Braking, which redirects torque between the wheels to reduce understeer.

Anything else?
Various driver aids are available on the new Evoque; Park Exit automatically exits parallel parking spots; Perpendicular Park positions the car centrally in parking bays; while Closing Vehicle Sensing and Reverse Traffic Detection warn drivers of oncoming traffic.

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