New cars tested by Euro NCAP

New cars tested by Euro NCAP

Mar 12, 2013

New cars tested by Euro NCAP

The latest Euro NCAP test results have been revealed, with four models achieving the full five-star safety rating. The cars tested were the Renault Zoe, Skoda Octavia, Toyota Auris and Toyota RAV4. While all of these achieved the highest Euro NCAP score going, they all faired differently in the individual tests.

The winner of the adult occupant test was the Octavia, achieving an impressive 93 per cent. All but the driver's right shin achieved top marks in the front, side and rear vehicle impact tests, but interestingly the Octavia showed poor safety for the side impact pole test. The two Toyotas shone in this test; despite the RAV4 achieving the lowest overall percentage alongside the Renault Zoe.

Child safety was next on the agenda, with all four cars scoring well. The Renault Zoe was the only car here that achieved less than 10 points in the toddler crash test.

In terms of pedestrian tests, the Octavia shone again, managing a score of 82 per cent compared to the 66- and 68 per cent achieved by the others. The Euro NCAP test results picture showed a sea of green for the Octavia's test, but the front grille and A-pillars each give poor pedestrian protection.

In the Safety Assist test, the Renault Zoe trounced the competition by hitting an 85 per cent rating thanks to its Speed Assistance System. The Zoe's system provides live updates regarding speed limits and allows the driver to manually set a speed restrictor. Other models in this test scored 66 per cent thanks to their front and rear seatbelt reminders and ESC systems.

So while all these models did achieve the five-star rating every manufacturer aims for, the safest car here seems to be the Skoda Octavia - scoring the highest in every test apart from Safety Assist.

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