New Volkswagen Transporter

New Volkswagen Transporter

Apr 23, 2015

New Volkswagen Transporter

What's new?

Volkswagen has launched the latest T6 version of its evergreen Transporter van at a star-studded event in Amsterdam.

The location was chosen as a tribute to Ben Pons, the Volkswagen importer for the Netherlands, who in 1947 first had the idea for making a van variant based on Beetle mechanicals. Almost 70 years on, a succession of those classic vans put in an appearance on stage (including Volkswagen's own museum-grade 'Sofie' T2, which is said to be the most valuable Volkswagen van in the world) before rock superstar Mark Knopfler (yes, him out of/off of Dire Straits) put on a show for the audience.

What's it like?

The new T6 looks very much like the old T5 on the outside (there are new lights, grille and trims though), but the inside has had a thorough makeover, including a new six-inch touchscreen for the stereo and enough storage compartments for Volkswagen to claim: "Everything here has its place. Be it a folding ruler, coffee mug, mobile phone or tablet. Form follows function. In best Bauhaus tradition."

Any new tech?

There is a plethora of very high-end options available for the new van too - including adaptive cruise (which can creep the van along in heavy traffic), two closing options for the tailgate (a manual 'soft-close' or fully electric), a Driver Alert System that is said to help keep a driver's eyes on the road more and a Front Alert system that jabs the brake pedal if it detects a possible collision about to occur.

Many variants offered?

As before, you can have it as a van, a Caravelle MPV or the most desirable of all - the California camper van. Engines are all 2.0-litre turbos, with diesels running from 84- to 204hp and two petrol options (which probably won't make an Irish appearance) with either 150- or 204hp. Hilariously, the diesel engine's internal factory code is EA288 Nutz. Internet memes at the ready...

And pricing?

All we need now are some prices, but in the UK, prices are said to be either on a par with the outgoing T5 or slightly lower.

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