Jan 26, 2011

NOBLE M600 IS FINALLY PRODUCTION-READY Full-production M600 looks great in grey (we think)

These are the first official pictures of the first full-production version of the carbon-bodied Noble M600.

"This is a major step forward from our previous baby blue prototype," says Noble boss Peter Boutwood. "It features a full carbon body, better fit and finish and an improved interior."

We can't pass judgement on the fit and finish of the car from the pictures, so we'll take Peter's word for that, but the M600 certainly looks meaner in dark grey with red accents than in the blue hue of the prototype car.

To help emphasise the car's hand-built-in-Blighty credentials, the new car also displays the names of everybody associated with the build on the sill kick plates. This includes the receptionists, secretaries and even tea boys and girls; basically every single person involved with the Leicestershire company.

The full production model has also shed a fair bit of weight; the whole lot now weighs less than 1200kg. With 650bhp on tap from the twin-turbo Volvo V8, that gives a power-to-weight ratio of some 542bhp per tonne. Which is quite a lot.

Noble says it has a 'healthy' order list for around 50 cars - considering that it takes around a month to build each one and that no official prices have yet been set, that's quite a waiting list.