Mercedes builds fastest electric boat ever

Mercedes builds fastest electric boat ever

Feb 15, 2013

Mercedes builds fastest electric boat ever

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing have teamed up to produce what is being called the most powerful all-electric powerboat ever made.  The powerboat has been dubbed the 'Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept' and has taken inspiration from the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive - the most powerful all-electric vehicle on sale in America.

The 38-foot long powerboat is powered by 12 (yes, 12) of the compact electric motors found in the electric SLS, bringing total output up to a colossal 1,656kW of power (about 2,250hp) and a mind-boggling 3,000Nm of torque.  Top speed is claimed to be 160km/h, making the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept not only the most powerful electric boat in the world, but also the fastest.

Battery power shouldn't be too much of a problem either, as the powerboat sports four high-tech batteries that boast a total capacity of 240kWh - and an electric output of 2,400kW. Mercedes-AMG claims that these batteries can be fully charged in less than seven hours, though this can be reduced to just three hours with four on-board chargers that are available as optional extras.

As well as power, Cigarette Racing and Mercedes-AMG have also put their resources together for the design of the boat. As displayed in the promotional picture above, the boat has been painted in a yellow and black colour scheme with the same matte-chrome paint finish that is found on the all-electric SLS.  The racing seats are taken from Cigarette Racing's catalogue, whereas the dials show a very similar style to those found in the SLS AMG.

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing have been collaborating both on land and on the water since 2007.  The result of their latest efforts can be seen at this year's Miami International Boat Show; currently running from 14th-18th February.

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