McLaren to get its MO on

McLaren to get its MO on

Oct 30, 2013

McLaren to get its MO on

 The MOcLaren Group, which includes the Vodafone MOcLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team has decided to get its Mo on and join Movember 2013. For the entire month MOcLaren employees will be trying to out-do famous MOcLaren MOs like those sported by Nigel Mansell and the inestimable Keke Rosberg.  

MOcLaren is issuing a call to arms to its staff, Team MOcLaren members, supporters of the Vodafone MOcLaren Mercedes team, and the entire F1 community to get a mo-ve on, grow a mo, donate and support this fantastic cause.

Of course, being McLaren this move is not being made in a haphazard way – like just growing some upper lip fuzz – there is science behind the process and in labs, deep in the MOcLaren Technology Centre (the MO-TC), MOcLaren engineers are using advanced simulation and mo-delling systems to analyse the perfect moustache.

 “We are studying the collection of hairs on the upper lip at a mo-lecular level, to ascertain the perfect balance between drag and down force,” states Professor M,  Head of Facial MO-delling and “Not many people are aware that inaccurately positioned, poorly shaped moustaches can significantly reduce mo-mentum, having a detrimental effect on lap times. We have created a detailed mathematical mo-del which we are confident will help identify the perfect shape, size and even colour of moustache to produce optimum speed and mo-noeuvrability.”

 Professor M added, “At the mo-ment, we expect a ginger handlebar (or the Keke as it is known) to prove mo-st aerodynamically efficient, but at this stage it’s really too early to say conclusively.” 

 MOcLaren has started its own MoSpace page at and supporters can register to become part of the MOcLaren Team, donate money and show their support.