McLaren boss banned from driving for six months

McLaren boss banned from driving for six months

Mar 11, 2011

McLaren boss banned from driving for six months His company makes some of the fastest racing and road cars in the world, but McLaren boss Ron Dennis won't be getting behind the wheel of any of them for a while after he was banned for jumping a red light.

The chairman of the McLaren motoring group was hit with the six-month ban at Woking magistrates' court after pleading guilty to driving through a red light in Bagshot, Surrey, last September.

Dennis had hoped to dodge a ban because of the inconvenience to his lifestyle that it would cause.

"I really need my licence," he told magistrates, "I have no hardship but I would have a massive amount of trouble not being able to look after my daughter at the weekends."

Woking's finest didn't agree and said the ban would stand. Perhaps the nine points he'd accumulated on his licence from three previous speeding offences since April 2008 was an indication that he wasn't wholly innocent. With the additional three from this offence, Dennis reached the number required for an automatic ban.

A McLaren team spokesman said: "Our executive chairman's driving licence has been suspended for six months following four minor traffic infringements that resulted in 12 penalty points being accrued."

Dennis stepped down as boss of the McLaren F1 team in 2009 to concentrate on producing the company's new supercar, the MP4-12C while a new race version - the MP4-12C GT3 - is being developed to compete in the 2012 GT3 championships and was filmed testing recently.