Lexus RC F at the heart of the action

Lexus RC F at the heart of the action

Jul 27, 2015

Lexus RC F at the heart of the action

Allowing Lexus to use lots of glib phrases like ‘the RC F has always been a car to set the pulse racing’, here’s a version of the V8 coupé that displays the driver’s heartbeat on its body exterior.

Quite what the advantage of this electrical trickery is, we’re not sure - maybe it’s a camouflage or defence mechanism for the RC F to deploy if it has been cornered by a ravenous pack of BMW M4s.

Still, Lexus Australia is the branch of the company responsible, teaming up with creative agency M&C Saatchi to create this cardiac coupé.

It first of all transmits the heartbeat of the connected occupant from a heart rate monitor to a bespoke electrical system in the RC F. Then, the on-board system collects and processes this data and punts an electric charge, in time to the beat, through the Lexus’ body panels.

But what makes the special, glowing patterns? Ah, well US-based paint specialist Lumilor finishes the bodywork in a special electroluminescent paint that responds to the current.

Lexus is having some really crackpot… er, we mean, innovative ideas lately, including ‘smart’ advertising billboards that respond to the type of car you’re driving and the infamous hoverboard. As stated earlier, apart from looking funky we’re not sure what this pulsing RC F is supposed to achieve but Lexus Australia’s chief exec Sean Hanley said: “These activities underline the new, bold way we are behaving across all areas of the Lexus business. The heartbeat car also links to another key part of our brand - high performance vehicles - via our F brand, and the emotional response a person gets from a machine like the RC F coupe.”