Kildare is the most patriotic county!

Kildare is the most patriotic county!

Mar 16, 2012

Kildare is the most patriotic county!

Drinking and driving don’t mix, but although most associate St Patrick and his special day with downing pints of Guinness while dancing a traditional jig, there are other ways to worship the patron saint from behind the wheel. 

Snaking across the country's roads (pun intended) it has been revealed that many of them pay tribute to St Patrick himself. A survey carried out by satnav maker TomTom, with information gleaned from its comprehensive mapping database, has revealed the most patriotic road names in Ireland - and we’re sure St Patrick himself would be proud of the results.  

The top ten list shows the total number of kilometres of roads that incorporate the name of St Patrick as well as the most patriotic road name. Kildare county came out on top with 16.75km, and next up were Dublin (10.88km) and Cork (9.23km). In fact, added together the top ten amounts to a staggering 78.81km.  

Turns out there’s plenty of variation on the theme too, with St Patrick being followed by Terrace, Road, Park, Avenue, Street, Crescent and even Halting Site on the top ten list.  

One thing’s for sure, if Kildare boasts nearly 17km of roads with St Patrick in the title, it’s bound to be a good county to find a pint of the black stuff. Though if you’re driving it’s probably best sticking to blackcurrant... 

Top ten most patriotic counties in the country: 

1.    Kildare (16.75km)

2.    Dublin (10.88km)

3.    Cork (9.23km))

4.    Carlow (8.68km)

5.    Louth (7.10km)

6.    Laois (6.50km)

7.    Westmeath (5.46km)

8.    Wexford (5.40km)

9.    South Tipperary (4.59km)

10. Waterford (4.22km) 

Top 10 most common patriotic road names in Ireland: 

1.    St. Patrick’s Terrace (11.87km)

2.    St. Patrick’s Road (6.90km)

3.    St. Patrick’s Park (6.52km)

4.    St. Patrick’s Avenue (3.18km)

5.    St. Patrick’s Street (2.35km)

6.    St. Patrick’s Crescent (1.42km)

7.    St. Patrick’s Halting Site (1.19km)

8.    St. Patrick’s (1.11km)

9.    St. Patrick’s Place (1.00km)

10. St. Patrick’s Close (0.93km)