Jaguar diesel engine revealed

Jaguar diesel engine revealed

Sep 30, 2014

Jaguar diesel engine revealed

What's new?
Jaguar has developed a new range of high-tech diesel engines, named Ingenium. Coming initially as 2.0-litre powerplants and powering the all-new XE saloon, these motors can emit as little as 99g/km CO2 and return 75mpg in the process.

The Ingenium range of engines will be built in Jaguar's Engine Manufacturing Centre in the UK's West Midlands, with £500 million (around €642m) pumped into their development programme, which included two million miles of 'real-world testing'. Once production is up and running at maximum capacity, an Ingenium diesel will leave the line every 36 seconds.

The all-aluminium, low friction Ingenium units have stiff cylinder blocks and twin balancer shafts to reduce vibration, while acoustics are damped by a sump cover, decoupled injectors and the wonderfully specific '0.5mm ovality on the injection pump drive sprocket'.

For the XE, Ingenium will come in two states of tune - it's the 163hp/380Nm that dips below 100g/km for CO2 and hits 75mpg. The 180hp/430Nm variant is said to have one of the highest torque outputs in the class.

The Ingenium diesels are of course Euro 6-compliant and feature diesel particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction.

Will it just be diesel?
When the XE launches, alongside the pair of Ingenium diesels will be a range of direct-injection petrol engines, including turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder lumps and the tried-and-tested 3.0-litre supercharged V6.

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