Iron Man's Audi

Iron Man's Audi

Apr 26, 2013

Iron Man is one of the coolest superheroes in modern times; not only does Tony Stark openly discuss being Iron Man (in stark contrast to Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent), but he also has impeccable taste in cars.

For the original film the millionaire playboy/ superhero drove an Audi R8 supercar as the high tech look of the car was deemed to suit the nature of the high tech super hero. Stark swapped to a prototype version of the Acura (Honda to you and me) NSX for the second movie but it seems even superheroes get bored of waiting for cars to make production and is back behind the wheel of an Audi for the third instalment of the franchise.

This time around the producers wanted a hybrid or electrically powered car befitting of the hero and the e-tron version of the R8 fit the bill perfectly.

While few of us have the money to buy an R8, thanks to the power of the internet we can at least draw one as the good people of Audi America have put together an instructional video so that those with a modicum of artistic talent can aspire to and maybe even win a chance to design a future Marvel digital comic.

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