Favourite in-car snacks revealed

Favourite in-car snacks revealed

Sep 25, 2013

Favourite in-car snacks revealed

With more and more vehicles on the road resulting in drivers spending longer in their cars it is hardly surprising that the car has become a surrogate dining room with many of us snacking while on the move. But what are the most popular foods for in-car dining?

According to a survey in America by Insure.com the top spot goes to the humble chocolate bar with 16 per cent of respondents rating it for being a one-handed snack (a very important consideration while driving), non-drippy and tasty.

The bar was pushed closely by the French fry, which accounted for 15 per cent of the votes, but ultimately lost out due to the lingering smell it leaves. In fact, of the 15 foods included in the Insure.com survey only the taco scored worse than fries for their smelliness.

"Our own analysis confirmed candy bars are indeed the best food for the road," said Amy Danise, Editorial Director of Insure.com. "Any food that can gush its components, like sandwiches or tacos, proved undesirable."

Of all the foods in the survey soup proved the least popular with more than a third of respondents 'favouring' spaghetti. Would have thought pasta would be harder to eat than something that can be consumed in the same way as a cup of coffee, but what do we know? The ice-cream cone also scored poorly in both the 'non-drippy' and 'filling' categories, which leads us to believe that Americans are not eating their 99s fast enough. Then again they are probably too busy chomping down on McDonalds products, which comprehensively won the 'food chains' category, scoring 20 points more than second placed Dunkin' Donuts.

So what would the most popular Irish in-car snack be? Supermacs? A breakfast roll? A bag of Taytos?

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