End of year offers from Volkswagen

End of year offers from Volkswagen

Nov 19, 2013

End of year offers from Volkswagen

What's the news?
In a bid to kick-start the Christmas spirit and to give its customers some VIP treatment, Volkswagen is offering money off many of its higher-grade models if ordered before 20th December 2013.

The scheme is known as the Volkswagen Investment Package - hence VIP - and runs in conjunction with the company's existing PCP offer. The models included are the Polo, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan and Beetle; all of which come with three years' free servicing, a three-year warranty and three-years' roadside assistance at no extra cost.

Volkswagen's offer means that buyers can walk away with a Polo Comfortline for €179 per month, saving €20; a Golf Highline for €256, saving €23; a Jetta Highline for €271, saving €28; a Passat Edition-R for €319, saving €50; a Tiguan Edition-R for €339, saving €40; and a Beetle Sport for €291 per month, saving €28. In addition to the reduction in monthly costs, Volkswagen will still honour its 3.9 per cent APR rate on its PCP finance deal.

Once the three-year plan has come to an end, buyers are left with the same three options as is typical with a PCP scheme - either pay a lump sum and keep the car, hand back their keys and walk away, or hand back their keys to finance another new model.

Anything else?
So far this year, Volkswagen Bank has lent more than €42 million to customers buying brand new Volkswagens; as well as €20 million to those buying second-hand models. Almost a third of all new models are purchased using Volkswagen's PCP scheme.

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