Crazy Russian lane-changer

Crazy Russian lane-changer

Apr 17, 2012

We’ve all been there: tightly gripping the steering wheel as the road in front turns from tarmac to slippery snow - a heart stopping moment, especially on the motorway.

Changing lanes seems like a good option, but every movement and input from the driver must remain minimal to complete the transition from fast to slow lane successfully. Unless you’re in Russia of course, where the driver of this particular Lada Riva was clearly in a hurry for their next Vodka hit.

Speeding down the fast lane they decided to make a bee-line for the inside, but in doing so seriously upset what composure and balance a 1980’s Fiat 124-based saloon has. Frantic stabbing of the brakes (we’d like to think it’s left-foot based to control the slide, but probably not) as the tail swings one way then another soon gives way to what we’d imagine to be blind panic as the Riva is soon travelling backwards facing the car that was once alongside it.

By sheer grace of god the driver ends up in the inside lane, pointing in the correct direction. Intended lane-change completed, they’re straight back on the power, presumably worried about making last orders at their favourite Vodka bar.