Cool new CLS Shooting Brake revealed

Cool new CLS Shooting Brake revealed

Jun 30, 2012

Cool new CLS Shooting Brake revealed

What's the news?
Mercedes-Benz has just unleashed a whole world of want, simply by adding a tailgate to its fashionable CLS four-door coupé and calling it the Shooting Brake. It's the first time we've seen the production model, after poring over the concept, renderings and spy shots, but it's no less dramatic than we first expected it to be. There's a selection of trims and engines from the CLS coupé, and some bespoke Shooting Brake options too.

Shooting Brakes - two-door estate cars - used to be big business here in the UK but went slowly out of fashion - but this sharp CLS Shooting Brake looks set to change all that. It's certainly sleek and sexy, more so than any sort of load carrier has any right to be, benefitting from the low roofline, bold grille and sharp headlights of the regular CLS. Actually it looks so good, we'd even hazard an opinion that proportionately it's better than the car it's based on.

Wood, wood and more wood, but not just in the passenger compartment; Mercedes has used the material in the load area to create a yacht-like ambience too. You'd expect it to be a bit crass, but somehow it seems to work in the CLS. Best avoid the delicately finished option if you plan to make use of the car's 590-litre space, though all models allow you to drop the rear seats remotely from the luggage compartment. Otherwise it seats five and is exquisitely trimmed in the finest materials.

Initially there are just two engines to choose from, a four-cylinder and six-cylinder diesel. The entry level CLS 250 CDI boasts 204hp and 500Nm, but emits only 139g/km and can return 53.3mpg. Similarly the CLS 350 CDI has 265hp, 620Nm and pumps out 159g/km and manages 47mpg. All models come with the firm's seven-speed automatic gearbox, electric power steering and self-levelling air suspension across the rear axle. And like the coupé, the way ahead will be well-lit, thanks to the Dynamic Full LED Headlamps - standard on Sport trim models.

Anything else?
We're left with a deep seated desire for now, as the CLS Shooting Brake doesn't go on sale until the end of the year, and prices are yet to be confirmed - though you can expect a premium over the CLS coupé, which starts at €67,590 for the CLS 250 CDI. 

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