Cooking with a Corvette

Cooking with a Corvette

Jul 27, 2012

Robert Llewellyn may be better known for playing block-head Kryton in nineties sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, but he’s now something of an automotive eco-warrior. So the thought of him being a passenger in a 6.2-litre V8 Roadster is a rather alien concept to the actor turned presenter turned green-campaigner.  

Without a Nissan LEAF or Toyota Prius to be seen, Rory Reid from Recombu Cars (an English website) thought it an idea to invite Robert for a spot of traditional lunch. Only this time the whole menu was to be cooked under the gigantic bonnet of the Corvette Gransport.

On the menu was a starter of asparagus wrapped in bacon, which emerged rather al dente for Robert's taste - we’d recommend some par-boiling first, maybe in the coolant tank, to take away some of the ‘bite’. The rest of the foil tins nestling between the exhaust manifolds revealed some beef, Yorkshire puddings and a selection of vegetables. Llewellyn wasn’t asked how he wanted his steak cooked, but with a 0-100km/h time of only 4.7 seconds it didn’t take long for the American roadster to heat it all the way through.

It might not be the most comprehensive road test of the greatest American sports car of all time, but this wide, left-hand drive, plastic roadster will only ever be a blip on the car-buying horizon. And with a promised apple pie and custard to finish (though never actually appearing on the video) who are we to stand in the way of another man’s lunch?