Citroen's new beach concept

Citroen's new beach concept

Sep 8, 2015

Citroen's new beach concept

Citroen is marking the first anniversary of the C4 Cactus with the creation of the super cool Cactus M concept. This open-air crossover is a beach-ready two-door designed with surfers in mind and features seats made from neoprene and a cabin that can be hosed out.

Even without its vibrant Hawaii Blue paintwork, the Cactus M is a very striking and funky looking car. Proportionally it is largely the same as the production Citroen C4 Cactus but makes do with just two long doors. Passengers can get into the back seats by using the built-in step ahead of the rear wheel and simply climbing over.

The raked windscreen is the only glass used in the car and its frame is covered in a wood effect, as is the rear arch. In addition to providing protection for the rear passengers, this doubles as a rack in which to tie down surf or wake boards. Away from the beach, the Cactus M can also be turned into a bivouac for two people thanks to a tilting mechanism that allows the rear seat to become an extension of the boot to create a 'couchette'. An inflatable function then turns the roof into a freestanding tent that folds out over the rear high enough to allow people inside to stand upright.

Outdoor life is exactly what the Cactus M was designed for and it is evident when you look inside. The seats are covered in a bright neoprene fabric that looks and feels just like a wet-suit and lets passengers jump right in without fear of ruining the seats if they're still wet from the sea. In keeping with the somewhat nautical theme, even the seat headrests are designed to resemble boat fenders.

All of the other materials used throughout the interior have been chosen for their hardwearing nature and ease of cleaning. There are even draining holes in the footwells so that the cabin can, if required, be hosed out. The dashboard itself is the same as used in the production C4 Cactus but is upholstered in a similar material to the rest of the car.

There's no point looking rugged if you can't get to your destination, so Citroen has equipped the Cactus M with its Grip Control system, which offers various traction control modes. Power comes via the familiar 1.2-litre PureTech turbocharged petrol engine, which in this instance produces 110hp and sends drive to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.

Although the Cactus M remains just a concept for now, Citroen has stopped short of completely ruling out another C4 Cactus derived model being created. In the official statement accompanying the Cactus M launch, the company said: "One year on from the launch of the production car, this concept illustrates the potential of the C4 Cactus as the basis for new models, as well as the extraordinary possibilities for deploying Citroen's brand positioning through different body styles."

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