Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

Dec 18, 2013

Christmas gift ideas

We don't mean to alarm anyone but there are only a few days left until Christmas. No need to fret though, as we have your back with a list of the best gifts to get the petrolhead in your life. Just don't wait too long to pick them up - nobody wants to unwrap a Pine Tree air freshener and a bottle of anti-freeze on Christmas morning. 

Gran Turismo 6/Forza 5

These two are the big guns when it comes to automotive gaming. Other titles have come along to offer a new twist on the driving game but nothing can match the immersive worlds that either the Gran Turismo or Forza series can offer. A word of warning: as the games are exclusive to their respective consoles (Gran Turismo to PlayStation and Forza to Xbox) you will need to know which console your petrolhead has.

Some automotive artwork

Does your petrolhead's personal refuge (or garage) need some brightening up? Then how about a nice picture of a car to adorn the wall? Plenty of options here including high art ones from the team of photographers that supply shots to the biggest car magazines on the planet, or even something as simple as a framed poster of Steve McQueen standing beside a Gulf liveried Porsche 917. Our personal recommendation would be for a Popbangcolour painting - primarily because artist Ian Cook does not use brushes to create his pictures; he uses remote control cars - talk about a conversation starter.

Top Gear furniture

Maybe your petrolhead has their own quiet room where they can play Gran Turismo 6 or Forza 5 while admiring their latest automotive artwork. If so, jammy...

To complete the package how about some of the furniture from the Top Gear set? Not the actual furniture you understand - Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow are still quite busy with it - but replicas of the two-piece suite and engine block coffee table.

Dave Clark Designs in the UK produces automotive themed furniture and can do more than just run off a Top Gear copy. Love Alfa Romeos? Then their Alfa seats may be perfect. Not cheap mind so maybe also take a look at the some of the sculptures the company produces too.

Some natty threads

Ok so wearing a Ferrari branded t-shirt while driving your Ferrari is a fashion faux pas, but doing so while driving a Ford Mondeo is perfectly acceptable. It's something to aspire to, something to aim for and marks your petrolhead out as a discerning connoisseur of all things automotive. Many of the large retail stores do automotive t-shirts, but they are very common. What you want is something fresh, something unique and something of higher quality (not questioning the quality of some of the store bought ones but... you know). Then have a look at to find the perfect tee to suit your petrolhead.

Track time

Ok so your petrolhead has spent countless hours perfecting their race craft on Gran Turismo or Forza while sitting in their Top Gear style chair, wearing their automotive related t-shirt and occasionally glancing at their latest artwork. Maybe they want to experience some real world rather than virtual racing. To do so on the roads would be foolhardy (not to mention illegal) so best get them to a race circuit like Mondello Park where they can have a go at single seat racing, get up to their necks in mud in the off road challenge or drive a Porsche 911 at full tilt. Be warned though - it's addictive!