Carzone wins 2019 Active Workplace of the Year Award

Carzone wins 2019 Active Workplace of the Year Award

Mar 8, 2019

Carzone wins 2019 Active Workplace of the Year Award

Carzone is delighted to announce that it has been named 2019 Active Workplace of the Year, in recognition of its “Have More Good Days At Work” initiative. The NUTRAMINO Health & Fitness Awards 2019 ceremony was held at the atmospheric Round Room in the Mansion House in Dublin, with over 200 entries from leading organisations around Ireland taking part.

Carzone’s category was hotly contested with nominees including Workplace Wellness Ireland and The Gaeity School of Acting, and it was named as the 2019 winner of the Active Workplace of the Year. Carzone’s Lisa Synnott gladly accepted the award at the ceremony 

Speaking at the event, Lisa Synnott, Marketing Executive at Carzone said “We are delighted to win this award which recognises our “Have More Good Days in Work” programme. The main objective of this programme is to enable employees to have better days at work. Healthy, motivated employees are the driving force behind a successful business, so we have a very strong commitment to making this happen.”

Lisa Synott Carzone

The awards, which are being celebrated for the second time, recognise outstanding contributions and innovation from Ireland’s top health & fitness professionals, facilities and community engagement initiatives. Commenting on the finalists, Katherine O’Riordan, Event Director said “We are very excited to host these awards for the second year running. Health and Fitness has become an essential and fundamental part of Irish daily life, with so many health conscious organisations and individuals advocating and educating us on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to acknowledge, support and reward the Health and Fitness Industry in Ireland”.

Carzone Active Workplace Of The Year