Carzone's MINI Irish camping trip

Carzone's MINI Irish camping trip

Jul 13, 2018

Carzone's MINI Irish camping trip

When the sun is shining in Ireland, there are few better places to go for a scenic camping trip, and that is exactly what we did with the AUTOHOME roof tent for the new MINI Countryman recently. Italian car roof tent specialist AUTOHOME has developed a solution specifically for the Countryman, which is mounted to the car’s standard roof rails and available through the MINI Shop as an optional accessory. 

The roof tent is easily mounted to the Countryman’s roof rails, and it is available in a choice of black and white colour schemes. When closed, the AUTOHOME roof tent looks like a regular roof box and it is well-suited to the Countryman’s style. Setting the tent up is simple, by releasing two safety clasps at the front along with a single clamp at the rear. Push up, and the roof tent rises into place in less than ten seconds! At our camp site in Wexford, fellow campers were impressed by how easy the AUTOHOME is to set up and it drew lots of admiration as a result. 

A solid aluminium ladder which is included with the roof tent to climb inside. The interior of the tent is very comfortable thanks to a high-density mattress in the base, and it has two doors and windows with zips, close-meshed mosquito nets and even luggage nets and a battery-operated LED interior light. The tent is rain proof with added heat and noise insulation for ensured comfort through the night. We had a great night’s sleep in the AUTOHOME roof tent, and it offers ample room for two tall adults inside. Closing the tent back into place is incredibly easy too as our video demonstrates. 

Mini Ireland

This MINI Countryman is the new PHEV model, which stands for plug-in-hybrid vehicle. It combines a 1.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor together for low running costs around town, and an electric range of up to 40 kilometres. It offers surprising performance too, with powerful acceleration and smooth cruising at motorway speeds. The Countryman offers plenty of room inside for a camping trip too, as the largest model in the MINI range. 

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To celebrate the arrival of the new 182 registration period, MINI Ireland is offering a unique 48-hour test drive at its various retailer locations nationwide. For more information, check out their website here, or find your local MINI retailer now using the dealer search on Carzone. 

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