Carzone Sponsors Kellett Motorsport Ford Fiesta Race Series in 2019

Carzone Sponsors Kellett Motorsport Ford Fiesta Race Series in 2019

Mar 4, 2019

Carzone Sponsors Kellett Motorsport Ford Fiesta Race Series in 2019

Kellett Motorsport is an Irish race team run by Alastair Kellett and based in Kells Co Meath. They have been preparing race car’s for over 14 years and Alastair himself is a successful race driver who has been working on race cars for over 20 years. In 2019 Kellett Motorsport will race three different generations of Fiesta - ST, Zetec and Fiesta Zetec S.

After finishing the 2018 season in 4th place overall Barry-John McHenry will once again race in the Fiesta ST championship over 5 weekends in both Mondello Park and Bishopscourt. The Raheny ace feels he has a lot of unfinished business ahead and has learned a lot over his last two years in the ST Championship. The ST Championship is regarded as the top saloon car championship in Ireland with over 20 experienced drivers many of which hold titles across Europe with all the top teams entering cars.

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William Kellett will race in the Fiesta Zetec championship. William finished 2nd in the championship in 2018 and plans to return to take the overall title. William has been nominated 3 times as Motorsport Ireland young driver of the year and hopes that winning the Fiesta Zetec title will help him in his quest to win this prize in 2019. At only 18 years of age the Kells youngster shows maturity when racing then his age suggests and goes into the season as favourite to take the title.

Alastair Kellett will compete in the Ford Fiesta UK championship. Alastair has previously won this championship in 2016 but spent the next two years concentrating on running cars in both Ireland and the UK while sporadically racing across Europe with many race victories to his name. Alastair is one of Irelands most successful national champions with over 7 different championships to his name as a driver and many more as a team boss. He will combine his season as team boss for both Barry-John and William as well as trying to take the UK Championship as a driver himself.

Kellett Motorsport team championship achievements over the past 10 years


  • Ford Fiesta ST Championship Barry-John McHenry finished 4th in the Championship 
  • Fiesta Zetec Championship William Kellett finished 2nd in the championship  
  • Citroen 24hour Race in Rockingham finished 8th overall out of 60 starters                                                                           


  • Patch Tyre equipment Fiesta ST Championship, Drivers Barry-John McHenry and William Kellett
  • Ford Fiesta Zetec 6 hour endurance Race, Drivers William Kellett, Keith Dawson, Alan Dawson
  • ASK Supercar Championship, Driver Barry-Hallion


  • UK Ford Fiesta overall champion Driver Alastair Kellett
  • UK Quaife Gearbox Fiesta Class D champion, Driver Alasteir Kellett
  • Irish Future Classics race winner, Driver William Kellett
  • Irish Supercar Championship Podium finishers, Driver Barry Hallion
  • European Alfa Romeo race winners in Spa-Francorchamps, Driver Roger McMahan


  • Uk Ford Fiesta Uk Class D championship 3rd, Driver Alastair Kellett
  • 6 hour Fiesta endurance race 2nd place, Drivers Aliastair Kellett, Keith Dawson, Alan Dawson
  • Junior Rallycross championship Runner up, Driver William Kellett


  • Winner of the Sean Kelly Memorial Trophy, Driver Barry-John McHenry
  • Front runners in the Irish Fiesta Zetec Championship, Barry Hallion, Keith Dawson
  • Front Runners Irish Junior Rallycross championship, Driver William Kellett


  • Front Runners Fiesta Zetec Championship, Drivers Barry Hallion, Barry-John McHenry


  • Ran 4 Fiat Punto Abarths in the Dunlop Abarth Championship for Alastair Kellett 2nd


  • Dunlop Abarth Champion’s, Driver Barry-John McHenry
  • Fiat Punto 1400 Champion’s, Driver Barry Hallion


  • Dunlop Abarth Champion’s, Driver Alastair Kellett


  • Dunlop Abarth Championship runner up Driver Alastair Kellett


  • Fiat Punto 1400 Champions, Driver Alastair Kellett


  • Fiat Punto 1400 Champions, Driver Alastair Kellett


  • Dunlop Fiat Uno Champions, Driver Alastair Kellett

2019 Race Dates

2019 Ford Fiesta ST and Zetec Championships


2019 Fiesta UK Championship

Round 1,2 & 3 Mondello Park National 13th & 14th April

Round 1 & 2 Silverstone 6th & 7th April

Round 4 & 5 Bishopscourt 11th & 12th May

Round 3, 4 & 5 Pembrey 20th & 21st April

Round 6, 7 & 8 Mondello Park Anti-Clockwise 8th & 9th June

Round 6, 7 & 8 Cadwell Park 11th & 12th May

Round 9 & 10 Mondello National 13th & 14th July

Round 9, 10 & 11 Snetterton 25th & 26th July

Round 11 & 12 Mondello International Track 14th & 15th September

Round 12, 13 & 14 Brands Hatch Indy 27th & 28th July


Round 15, 16 & 17 Anglesey 17th & 18th August


Round 18 & 19 Silverstone International 5th & 6th October


Round 20, 21 & 22 Brands 26th & 27th October