Car review video like you've never seen before

Car review video like you've never seen before

Sep 21, 2012

Mercedes-Benz may be the most mentioned car brand in rap videos but that hasn’t stopped the 'kidz' at Car Throttle - their latest video includes some 'sick rhymes' and a Peugeot 308. Yes, a Peugeot 308, that they’d like you to rate!

We’re not quite sure if they’d been on the magnums of Cristal when they were planning just how to review this sensible family hatchback, but one thing’s for sure it’s a video like no other seen before.

Entitled ‘Do you rate my 308?’ the four strong team can be found listing the French Fancy’s stats in between break-dancing, milk drinking and crotch cradling. There’s some cringeworthy rap-star wannabee lines such as “I love the stick shift, six gears in my hand” and “it’s got Bluetooth too so I can blaze my tunes” as well as the occasional cuss-word. We’re not sure how Peugeot is going to react, but then again some would say the 308 needs all the help it can get. Car Throttle might disagree though, telling us “We be looking so fly, haters gon’ hate, when we’re cruising round in our 308”. The fact they also tell us the ‘8’ has a fine rear end suggests their judgement (and possibly minds going by this video) may not be 100% sound.

So have a watch, and see how you rate their 308. We for one certainly rate it a little higher than their rap skills - don’t think Snoop Dogg has much to worry about here chaps! 

Warning: some language not safe for work