Dec 14, 2010

CATERHAM READYING 'ENTIRELY NEW' CAR All-new model set for Autosport show debut

In a move that is pretty much as rare as a full solar eclipse, Caterham Cars has announced that it plans to introduce an "entirely new model" At the Autosport show in January. These days, when Caterham says it is bringing out something new, we all expect a new 'limited edition' of some sort, but this time Dartford's finest sports car company seems to be planning something rather bigger.

Caterham is keeping tight-lipped about its plans, but this is definitely the biggest thing for Caterham since the CSR evolution of the Seven in 2004 - and possibly the most radically new model since the ill-fated Caterham 21 of the 1990s.

All Caterham will say for now is that the new car will be powered by the next-generation Caterham Motorsport engine and that it will "provide a logical expansion to the company's racing and track day portfolio" as well as remaining true to the Seven's lightweight,minimalist ethos.

The car itself will be unveiled officially on 13 January 2011, but we'll get more details in the next week - so watch this space...