BMW displays green supercar of the future at the AVIVA Stadium.

BMW displays green supercar of the future at the AVIVA Stadium.

Jul 19, 2011

BMW displays green supercar of the future at the AVIVA Stadium.

Lower Emissions. More Driving Pleasure. – No vehicle expresses this philosophy more vividly than the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. Accelerating from 0-100km/h in under five seconds, the Vision EfficientDynamics is a true performance car. Yet at the same time its radical new plug-in diesel hybrid drive train uses just 3.8 litres of fuel and keeps CO2 emissions to 99g/km making it easily one of the cleanest cars on the road. It is the green super car of the future.

The Vision EfficientDynamics Concept Car was today on show in Ireland for the very first time as part of an exclusive event at the all-new Aviva Stadium to discuss the future of green motoring.

John Ives, Managing Director of BMW Ireland said the event was a rare opportunity to experience such a visionary vehicle concept in Ireland.

“The Vision EffcientDynamics Concept embodies everything that BMW EfficientDynamics stands for: It is the proof that sustainable mobility can still mean an enthralling drive.”

Felix Baerlin from the BMW Design Studios in Germany attended the event to explain more about the idea behind the car, the technological innovations it showcases and the groundbreaking approach in its development and construction.

“This Concept Car is the exciting face of EfficientDynamics. What does lightness look like, what does layering feel like, can I touch efficiency? This car is the answer,” explained Mr Baerlin.

BMW also unveiled its plans for a new sustainability sub-brand under which its first zero-emissions cars will be launched.

“Under the name BMW i, we are going to bring vehicles and mobility services to the market, which will set a new benchmark in terms of sustainability. With our new brand, we are reaffirming our leadership as the most innovative and sustainable premium car company,” said Mr Ives.

In a first move, two models will be launched under the new sub-brand – The BMW i3 and the BMW i8:
The BMW i3, which is based on the BMW Megacity Vehicle Concept, will be a fully electric powered four-seater for urban dwellers. With its compact dimensions and generous feeling of space, the BMW i3 is the ideal vehicle for the daily megacity commute.

“The BMW i8 will be a high-performance sports car with extremely low emissions and it is going to be based on the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept shown at the AVIVA Stadium. It will be the car you’ll want to take on extended journeys outside the city, thanks to its sports car dynamics and outstanding efficiency,” said Ives.

Both vehicles will feature BMW’s so called LifeDrive architecture, which means there will be an aluminium chassis housing the powertrain and a passenger cell made from high-strengts but extremely lightweight CFRP - Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic.

The premium car manufacturer says they will use the innovative architecture and CFRP to cancel out practically all of the extra weight added by batteries.

“For our customers this means superior driving dynamics combined with significantly increased range using electric power. It’s a new chapter in our industry and a new era for individual mobility," said Mr Ives.