BMW X5 goes hybrid

BMW X5 goes hybrid

Aug 27, 2013

BMW X5 goes hybrid

What's the news?
BMW has revealed a plug-in hybrid version of new X5. The show car is dubbed the Concept X5 eDrive, and will be unveiled officially at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The concept has been conveniently announced in the same week as the new hybrid Range Rover, and will likely rival JLR's offering when it hits BMW showrooms.

Outside, things are much the same as a standard X5. Clues to its eco-powertrain are found on the front grille as well as the bumpers, where blue detailing has been added to outline various features. A charging point can also be found on the nearside front wing that emits a futuristic-looking blue/purple hue when plugged in. Aerodynamically efficient, lightweight 21-inch alloys have also been created for the X5 eDrive, as have specially designed roof rails.

Like the exterior, the cabin is carried over from the standard X5, but the BMW ConnectedDrive infotainment system has been tweaked. Being a plug-in hybrid, the X5 eDrive can be driven up to 30 kilometres on electric-only power and the satnav ensures that this fact is exploited to its fullest by displaying public charging points as points of interest and telling the driver how long the battery will take to fully charge. In addition, the car's on-board systems manage all the factors that can affect the electric-only range, including driving style, route and traffic conditions, to give the most accurate figure possible.

Power for the X5 eDrive comes from a 70kW/95hp electric motor, a four-pot engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, or a combination of both depending on which drive mode has been selected. Electric-only mode gives a 30km maximum range and a top speed of 120km/h, while 74.3mpg, emissions of just 90g/km of CO2 and 0-100km/h in seven seconds can be achieved in Intelligent Hybrid Drive and Safe Battery modes.

The high-voltage battery pack is mounted underneath the X5's load bay, which both maximises storage space and protects the battery in the event of a crash. Charging times have yet to be announced, but as this is a plug-in hybrid, the combustion engine will at least prevent drivers from being left stranded with a flat battery.

Anything else?
Although BMW is calling the X5 eDrive a concept at this stage, we would be extremely surprised if it doesn't find its way onto the production line very soon. More information is expected to be released when it is unveiled next to the BMW i3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show that runs from 10th to 22nd September 2013.

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