BMW 4 Series Convertible revealed

BMW 4 Series Convertible revealed

Oct 14, 2013

BMW 4 Series Convertible revealed

What's the news?
As sure as night follows day it was only a matter of time before the convertible version of the new BMW 4 Series followed the recently released 4 Series Coupé. Images of the car that replaces the 3 Series Convertible leaked on the web earlier in the week (leading to some puns about the 4 Series leaking - we see what you did there), but we can now bring you the full official details ahead of the car's public debut at the LA Auto Show next month.

One of the things not immediately obvious from the leaked images was whether or not the 4 Series Convertible was a rag- or hard top affair. We can now confirm that the mechanism is a three-piece folding hardtop similar to that of the Z4 roadster's. Retracted, the roof is stored in the boot, which is rear hinged to allow its ingress.

To allow the 4 Series to accommodate larger items with the roof down BMW has fitted a system whereby the load and unload buttons will pivot the stored roof and move it upwards. It still eats 150 litres from the 4 Series' 370-litre boot space mind...

Other than the roof everything is as you were with a longer wheelbase, shorter overhangs and wider track than the 3 Series Convertible of old, all in the name of added dynamism.

Like the Coupé, the open-topped 4 Series features integrated retractable seat belts and electrically adjustable seats as standard. Also available from the options list are a pair of neck warmers that can be fitted to either the standard seats or the optional sport seats to keep the front occupants warm during a mid-winter topless blast.

Hidden behind the rear headrests are a pair of roll-over bars that can be deployed in less than 200ms should the sensors detect an impending roll.

Five different trim levels will be available: the BMW 4 Series Convertible, Sport, Modern, Luxury Line and M Sport, all featuring their own unique takes on what makes the perfect open top 4er.

Save for some extra strengthening to account for the open roof most of the Convertible's oily bits are the same as the Coupé's. Complicated suspension setups (double joint spring strut up front and five-link rear) are said to deliver the dynamic abilities one would expect of a BMW but with a level of comfort suited to open top driving.

A range of TwinPower Turbo engines will also be carried over from the coupé with the three launch engines being the 306hp 3.0-litre straight-six in the 435i, the 245hp four-pot in the 428i and the 184hp 2.0-litre diesel in the BMW 420d. All engines come equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, though many are expected to opt for the eight-speed automatic.

Anything else?
There will be a number of high tech standard and optional extras available for the 4 Series Convertible including BMW Connected Drive, the latest Navigation System Professional, Driving Assistant Plus and a high resolution Heads Up Display.

The 4 Series Convertible is expected to go on sale early in 2014 commanding a slight premium over the coupé, which has just gone sale in Ireland.

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