Aygo goes crazy in Manga flick

Aygo goes crazy in Manga flick

Nov 24, 2014

It's one of those things that you're not sure if you're really watching it, or having some sort of far-out dream brought on by too much blue cheese before bedtime - but here's the first animated feature from the Toyota Aygo/Manga tie-up.

To précis, the diminutive Japanese city car's X-branded face took some of its inspiration from a Manga (that's Japanese cartoon art, to you and me) title called Astro Boy. And Toyota, turning things back on their head, has now commissioned a UK-based Manga artist called Sonia Leong to create a few tales involving a blade-wielding 'superheroine' and her choice of wheels - an Aygo. A sort of art-imitating-life-imitating-art Ouroboros that could only be logically continued by Toyota putting out a special edition model of the real car based on this cartoon version... but we digress.

So, back to the Manga. In this 2:31s instalment, crazy stuff happens including our heroine heading from a boring meeting to her secret lair across a Toyota-infested city (including an original shape Previa) before taking on a massive reptilian creature, attacking it with two giant blades that are the Toyota's headlights.

And if you think all this is as mental as it sounds, you'd be right. You can keep up with the buzz by using #aygomanga on Twitter, as there are bound to be further adventures, and you can watch the movie right here.