Audi reveals new allroad model

Audi reveals new allroad model

Jan 15, 2016

Audi reveals new allroad model

Alongside the rather more technologically exciting h-tron quattro concept, Audi used the Detroit Auto Show to launch the second generation of the A4 allroad quattro. As with the last model, the recipe is pretty simple - take an A4 quattro Avant estate, add height and plastic cladding and stick a price sticker on it. Job done.

For this latest edition, Audi has trimmed weight from the car (it's around 90kg lighter than the old allroad) and it's 23mm higher off the ground than the standard Avant estate.

Audi's also fitting it with some high-tech assistance systems, including a rear parking pack that helps you to reverse with a trailer or caravan, and Adaptive Cruise Stop&Go, which can manage your throttle and brakes in stop-start traffic.

Emissions from the various versions of the 2.0-litre TDI (150hp, 163hp and 190hp versions will be offered) will hover around the 128g/km mark, and there'll be a V6 diesel range-topper with around 139g/km of CO2.

A dual-cutch S tronic transmission will be offered, of course, but Ireland will be unlikely to get any of the petrol engine options. To help save fuel, the gearbox can declutch and allow the car to coast at speeds below 6km/h.

Sales will start in the summer.

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