Audi launches entry-level TT

Audi launches entry-level TT

Apr 24, 2015

Audi launches entry-level TT

What's new?

The most basic version of the old Audi TT was actually more or less the best. Even though its 180hp petrol engine was giving away more than 20hp to other versions, and lots of torque to the diesel version, it was actually the TT with the sweetest handling balance. Slowest, but nicest to drive.

We suspect that may be true once again now that Audi Ireland has introduced the entry-level version of the new TT, once again featuring a 180hp turbocharged petrol engine. It's a 1.8 TFSI unit, and it backs up that 180hp output with 250Nm of torque. Emissions are between 129- and 138g/km, depending on the version and equipment levels, while fuel consumption runs the gamut from 7.0 litres per 100km to 7.7 litres/100km, depending on whether you've bought the Coupé or the slightly heavier €47,815 Roadster convertible.

The engine has a trick inlet manifold system as well, which can switch from direct fuel injection to manifold injection, depending on what's better for efficiency, while there's variable valve lift on the exhaust outlets too.

How fast is it?

It's pretty brisk - 0-100km/h comes up in 6.9 seconds for the manual coupé (a tenth slower with the S Tronic auto) and 7.2 seconds for the Roadster (7.3 seconds for the S Tronic).


There is decent equipment, as sport seats with integral head restraints are fitted as standard, along with 'progressive steering' and the Audi virtual cockpit - that gorgeous full-width digital instrument binnacle.

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