Audi R8 NF: Super-lightweight variant in the works!

Audi R8 NF: Super-lightweight variant in the works!

Feb 28, 2011

Audi R8 NF: Super-lightweight variant in the works! Audi is currently teasing a super-lightweight variant of the Audi R8, codenamed NF, to selected journalists. Have a look!

During a presentation at a technology demonstration at its lightweight research and production plant in Neckersulm, Germany, senior Audi product developers teased an upcoming R8 supercar variant codenamed “NF” that will feature even greater usage of lightweight composites.

The white R8 5.2 V-10 you see depicted is a lightweight prototype we believe is related to the NF project. Audi would not allow cameras into the presentations, instead handing out the approved photos you see here.

The vehicle identified as R8 NF was featured on a timeline describing the proliferation of carbon-fiber in vehicles such as the R8 and highlighted the carbon-fiber engine cover on the R8 Spyder, the roof of the R8-based E-Tron and the various pieces found on the limited-run R8 GT, amongst others. Denoted at the 2014 mark was the NF, or more specifically, the passenger section. The image, taken in context, implied that the NF would feature a new carbon-fiber rear bulkhead between the seat backs and the engine compartment and showed the carbon-fiber piece extending into the lower B-pillars. Audi would not elaborate on the image.