Ask Carzone Weekly Roundup

Ask Carzone Weekly Roundup

Jul 7, 2017

Ask Carzone Weekly Roundup

Whether you are in the market for your next car or thinking of selling your current car, we are here to help with any question you may have.

Every week our motoring expert answers our readers’ questions. Here is a roundup of this week’s top questions


Can you Value my Golf and help me find an SUV

Aoife is looking for a valuation on her 2007 VW Golf and any suggestions or recommendations our experts might have on purchasing an SUV  Check out what our experts have recommended here.


Free Insurance Offer

Sue is looking to purchase a new car. With plenty of offers on the market at present, she is looking for a new car with free insurance. Take a look at what we have advised here.


What is showroom condition?

James is thinking of buying a new/used hybrid car. He is looking for our experts help and advice on what he should be looking out for when searching.  Take a look at what we have recommended here.


Large MPV needed for family of six

Nichola is moving from the US back to Ireland. With a family of six (4 young kids in car seats and boosters) Nicola is looking to know what her options are.  Check out what we have advised now.


Looking for a used run-around

Nuala is looking for a second hand car that will be more of a run around what second hand car would you suggest - hoping to get a low engine so I don’t have high tax

Look at what our expert has recommended here.


If you have any questions of your own, ask us here