Ask Carzone Weekly Roundup

Ask Carzone Weekly Roundup

Nov 25, 2016

Ask Carzone Weekly Roundup

Whether you are in the market for your next car or thinking of selling your current car, we are here to help with any question you may have.

Every week our motoring expert answers our readers’ questions. Here’s a round-up of this week’s top questions



  1. Kevin is looking for a family car preferably a seven seater SUV with three ISOFIX points. Check out our expert’s recommendation here.


  1. Anthony is currently on the look-out for a family car with automatic transmission and nothing older than four years. With a budget of €17000, find out what we have advised here.


  1. Mick is considering purchasing a Hybrid used car and is looking for some recommendations or where to begin his search. Check out our advice here.


  1. One of our readers is looking to purchase a premium SUV. He/she is currently doing around 40,000 km per annum (all motorway) in a 152 Range Rover Evoque. Take a look at our expert’s advice now.


  1. Laura is looking for our expert’s recommendations on a reliable, efficient and spacious car with a large boot that is preferably diesel!  Take a look at our expert’s recommendations now.

If you have a questions of your own, ask us here