Ask Carzone Weekly Roundup

Ask Carzone Weekly Roundup

Sep 30, 2016

Ask Carzone Weekly Roundup

Whether you are in the market for your next car or thinking of selling your current car, we are here to help with any question you may have.

Every week our motoring expert answers our readers’ questions. Here’s a round-up of this week’s top questions.

  1. Nigel is currently driving a 2004 Peugeot expert and is looking to purchase something a little smaller. Check out our expert’s recommendation here.


  1. Joe is looking at a 2012 Peugeot 207 diesel with 196,417km already on the clock. Take a look at what we have recommended here


  1. Fiona has changed jobs and has been left with a 2hr daily commute. She wants to change her car and is willing to spend between €10,000- €12,000. See our advice here.


  1. Nicola is looking for a car or SUV that can fit 3 baby seats and is not willing to get a 7 seater. Take a look at what we have advised here


  1. Katie is looking for an all-wheel drive car, but is unsure of current manufacturers ? Check out some of our expert’s top recommendations here.

If you have a questions of your own, ask us here