All-new Skoda Fabia

All-new Skoda Fabia

Aug 20, 2014

All-new Skoda Fabia

What's new?
This is the third-generation Skoda Fabia, seen here in the metal for the first time. It takes its sharp-edged looks from the Geneva Motor Show's VisionC concept car.

The Fabia MkIII is the first Czech product to benefit from Skoda's fresh design direction, with head designer Jozef Kaban saying it is 'more expressive, more dynamic and sportier' than the old car. This is part of the company's desire to start producing more expressive, 'emotional' model designs, rather than just cars that are known to be functional and boasting a lot of interior space.

To that end, Kaban says the Fabia has tighter proportions than before, with various details trying to make the car look wider and lower than it is - such as the front grille and headlights, the two creases in the bonnet, fog lights positioned at the outer edges of the bumper and plenty of sharp edges and clean lines to feast your eyes on (such as the so-called 'tornado line' running along the car's midriff).

But it hasn't sacrificed practicality - the boot is larger than the old Fabia's, and is claimed to be class-leading in terms of capacity, while the interior is wider and longer for improved passenger comfort. Additionally, ten new 'Simply Clever' solutions will be offered within (such as 'MirrorLink' technology for connecting a smartphone), while the car is up to 17 per cent more efficient than before. It will also benefit from numerous driver assistance features.

Kaban also makes a lot of the Fabia's 'crystalline elements', as he explains: "Skoda is proud of its Bohemian heritage. The sharp lines, the clear contouring and the fine cut of the new Fabia's headlights pay homage to the Czech tradition of glass art, and its high degree of precision as well as high-quality finish stand out. The rear lights are particularly impressive."

Buyers will be able to personalise the Fabia more than ever before too, with 15 exterior colours offered as standard, alongside the opportunity to paint the roof, wheels and door mirrors whatever hue you'd like. There will be three trim lines and plenty of options for the Fabia.

And finally...
Kaban adds: "During the development of the third-generation Fabia, we focused on creating a sportier vehicle and made the design altogether crisper. The result is a young, fresh and modern compact car that sets new standards in its segment."

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