All-new Renault Scenic

All-new Renault Scenic

Mar 2, 2016

All-new Renault Scenic

We saw the 'sexy' Renault Scenic ahead of the Geneva Motor Show but now we've got much more detail on the company's compact carrier - including that it will ride on big but thin wheels as standard and there'll be a mild diesel-electric hybrid version before 2016 is out.

Renault has expanded the new version in every conceivable dimension compared to its Scenic III predecessor - it's taller, longer, wider, higher off the ground, and broader of stance front and rear - plus it has an extended wheelbase and a rear overhang. It looks great, though, but there's always that problem; a designer draws a show car to sit on the biggest alloy possible. Then, when the showroom examples are on 16s, they look stupidly underwheeled.
This fate will not befall the new Scenic, because every model will come on whopping 20-inch wheels. Fear not for the ride, as they are narrow too, at 195mm. This allows for a sidewall depth that is equivalent to that on the Scenic III's 17-inch wheels, which means the new Renault not only looks fantastic but rides well in the process... theoretically. We also know now that the Scenic is more aerodynamically efficient than before. Renault has also confirmed that two-tone models (with different coloured roofs) will be available on higher trims in certain markets.

The French firm has decided to make the dashboard more driver-centric than that found on the old car, with the instrument panel positioned directly in the driver's line of sight - that means full-colour head-up display. There will be an option to fit a panoramic roof, while there's a clever arrangement of interior seating and a sliding centre console that allows for various configurations of the cabin. Renault is claiming a 'class-leading' 572 litres of boot space, so the car will remain practical, and there's a huge array of driver assist electronic safety systems offered. R-Link 2, with an 8.7-inch multimedia touchscreen, is to be fitted on the more luxurious Scenics.

Renault is going to offer five conventional diesels and two petrols for the Scenic line-up, with a variety of transmissions. The former of these will consist of 95-, 110-, 130- and 160hp Energy dCi lumps, paired to transmissions including a six-speed manual, and six- and seven-speed Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatics. The Energy TCe petrol versions, unlikely to come to Ireland, will have six-speed manual gearboxes only and either 115- or 130hp.
The Scenic gets Multi-Sense adjustable driving parameter settings - for the throttle, EDC gearbox, steering and so on - and 4Control four-wheel steering will be available within the Scenic line-up.

A sixth diesel will join the Scenic fold before the end of 2016. The Energy dCi 110 will be fitted with Hybrid Assist electric option and a six-speed manual transmission, plus a 48-volt battery which can support an electric motor in backing-up the internal combustion engine, which will always be running while the car is in motion.

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