Alfa Romeo Stelvio ‘Milano Edizone’ Review

Alfa Romeo Stelvio ‘Milano Edizone’ Review

Dec 8, 2017

Alfa Romeo Stelvio ‘Milano Edizone’ Review

Transition year student Oisin recently spent time working at Carzone HQ, and he gives us his insight on the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio...

What is it like from the passenger seat?

Starting with the exterior, the Stelvio features similar styling to that of other Alfa Romeos such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Your eyes are instantly drawn to the signature Alfa Romeo triangular grill as well as the striking LED headlights, which give the Stelvio a very aggressive look, a look which could not be better matched to the growl from the exhaust pipes when accelerating. Without a doubt one of the most stand-out features of the Stelvio has got to be the massive 20-inch alloy wheels, which really help the car to stand out among similar SUVs.

The interior was possibly my favourite part of the Stelvio. It has a clean and minimal design with leather upholstery, leather steering wheel and electrically-heated seats. The model we drove featured a mix of a red sports leather and black leather interior which really gave the car a sporty look. The infotainment system was easy to use, with radio, 3d navigation, MP3, Aux-in and Bluetooth, though the sound system was lacking in quality in comparison to the rest of the car. There is also a lack of leg space in the back seats. The Stelvio has a power tailgate and 525 litres of boot space which is on par with other similar SUVs.

The main complaint that I would have about the Alfa Romeo Stelvio would be the cost. Pricing for the Stelvio starts at €47,295, with a 2.2 litre, 180hp, turbo diesel engine, while the model we drove costs €65,865. You can see just how expensive this is when you compare that to the price of other similar SUVs such as the Hyundai Tucson, which starts at €26,245, or the Jaguar E-pace, which starts at €36,000.

Model Driven: Alfa Romeo Stelvio ‘Milano Edizone’

Prices From: €47,295

Price As Tested: €65,865

Annual Road Tax: €570

Engine: 1995cc four-cylinder petrol

Power/Torque: 280hp/400Nm

Top Speed: 230kmh

0-100km/h: 5.7 seconds

Transmission: Automatic

Body Style: SUV

Boot Space: 525 litres

Rating: 4.8/5