Feb 22, 2011

AC IS BACK WITH MKVI Geneva show debut for new AC model - but you might just recognise it...

AC, which celebrates its 110th birthday this year, is back at a major international motor show with this, the MkVI. (And yes, we know it still looks like an AC Cobra, but you wouldn't expect something totally brand-new, would you?)

Curiously, though, the MkVI is actually a German-built affair and uses a 430bhp GM V8. But fans of Blighty-built ACs need not worry: AC-badged cars are soon to be built in the UK, too.

As well as AC Germany, AC Cars is establishing a dedicated AC Heritage Centre at the top of the historic Brooklands test hill in Surrey. The UK-based Heritage Centre will be 'formally' opened later in the year, and AC says it will make an announcement 'in the near future' as to which cars it will produce in Brooklands.

Let's not forget our cousins across the Pond, either; Iconic Motors has adopted the AC brand for its ultra-high performance car, the Iconic AC Roadster, which delivers an impressive 825bhp and 680lb ft of torque, plus a top speed of 210mph and a 0-60mph time of less than three seconds.

AC is also keen to point out that these are not replicas or kit cars, but "hand-crafted recreations of the iconic AC cars, which built an identity recognised by genuine car enthusiasts the world over".

So AC is back - and, crucially, its cars are ready for the road. "The key to our future though is based on achievement, so when we announce a new model it will be available - as the AC MkVI is today - ready for sale," says AC Cars chairman, Alan Lubinsky. "For the first time in a decade we're able to provide customers with genuine, high quality cars from a range of proven production sources."

If you want to have a closer look at the MkVI, it will be on AC's stand at the Geneva show next week, alongside an example of the car that started the whole Cobra thing (though of course the new car is most emphatically not a Cobra...), an original AC Ace.