A truck tough enough for Chuck

A truck tough enough for Chuck

Apr 6, 2015

A truck tough enough for Chuck

Here's a machine that's so tough, it made a Happy Meal cry - the Ram Trucks Texas Ranger concept.

Sadly not available in 'Chuck Norris' spec, where presumably it would have a ginger beard and awesome roundhouse-kicking abilities, the one-off motor has been built to commemorate and promote Ram Trucks' partnership with the renowned law-enforcement agency of the southern US state.

With rumours that the Ram's satnav system can speak braille, and that its on-board software counted to infinity, twice, the other things that mark this special out are unique Texas Ranger icons inside and out that represent the Mexican five-peso coins from which the real badges are made, a Bright White and Bright Silver two-tone paint job - embodying the 'white hats and silver badges that good guys always wear' - and a load of Canyon Brown colours accents inside, including the leather. There's no clock in the pick-up, though; it simply decides what time it is.

Although the Ram Texas Ranger edition, shown at the 2015 Dallas Auto Show, is designed as a one-of-a-kind concept, if Chuck Norris stares at the Ram Trucks' board members for long enough (say, two seconds) then it will undoubtedly go into production.

That's because, although the Rangers traditionally use horses (Walker reputedly rode an angry tiger), pick-ups are driven by 20 per cent of the driving population of Texas, compared to a 12 per cent national average. Only a truck could be tough enough for Chuck.

So just remember: fear of spiders is called arachnophobia, fear of tight spaces is called claustrophobia, and fear of the roughneck Ram Trucks Texas Ranger is called plain common sense.