What are lane departure warning and lane keep assist systems?

In this video we explain how lane keep assist systems work and how they can reduce the number of collisions on our roads.

Designed to automatically detect when a driver unintentionally drifts out of their lane without indicating, research shows that these systems can reduce the number of road collisions.

Regardless of how long the journey is, maintaining consistent road position and staying within your lane is of the utmost importance. As an aid to help drivers, lane departure warning and lane keep assist systems automatically scan ahead for visible road markings.

Similar in principle, both systems present drivers with an additional aid to help them on the road. Thanks to the use of a camera, usually fitted at the top of the windscreen, the driver will be alerted when unintentional lane drifting is detected.

Land Departure Warning

Lane departure warning usually comes in the form of audio or visual alerts. Depending on the car, they may also come in the form of a vibrating steering wheel or driver’s seat.

More advanced lane keep assist systems will apply corrective steering or braking to keep your car in the lane. The driver can override this system if they are deliberately changing lanes and have simply forgotten to use their indicator.

Thankfully, the driver doesn’t have to manually do anything different for these systems to be active. The technology behind it is the most impressive aspect, taking into consideration the driver’s speed and road position.

Whilst maintaining focus and staying alert at all times is essential, both systems are examples of the incredible safety features on modern cars that help keep drivers safe.

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