How to charge an electric car in Ireland

Carzone demonstrates how to charge an electric-powered car using an ecars charging point

Electric and plug-in hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular with more models to choose from than ever before. There are now over 1200 public access charge points available across Ireland, however the process of charging an electric car is quite different to putting fuel in a normal petrol or diesel-powered car.

In this video we demonstrate how to charge the Volkswagen Passat GTE, which is a plug-in hybrid car, at a local ESB ecars quick charge point in Dublin.

Step 1 – Register For A Public Charge Point Access Card: To access the public charge point network, you need to provide proof of your electric car ownership along with a utitlity bill. You will then be provided with a charge point access card which allows you to use the network at no cost. This can be done by contacting [email protected]

Step 2 – Open The Charge Cap: This will be located in different places depending on the model of car you are charging. For example, on the Volkswagen Passat GTE which is demonstrated in the video, the charging cap is located beside the Volkswagen badge on the front grille. On all-electric cars like the Nissan leaf, the charge cap is also located near the front badge. 

Step 3 – Hold The Access Card Over The Charge Point: Holding the card over the charge point will allow you to start the charging process. Take the charge cable out of your car’s boot and connect it to the charge point. Connect the other end of the charging cable to the car. This will start the charging process and the colour of the light on the charge point will change from blue to green. 

Step 4 – Check Inside To See If Charging Has Started: Inside your car you should see that charging has started, and also what percent the battery level is at. The time it takes to fully charge depends on the model of car and also how much charge is in the battery. 

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