Carzone’s Online Buying Experience

At Carzone we realize it is crucial to provide an online car buying journey to consumers

As the digital world continues to grow, we are now shopping more than ever online. And this goes for cars too. According to the recent Carzone Motoring Report, 53% of motorists said they would pay a deposit for a car online and 24% said they would pay in full for a car online. This shows that the car-buying journey has changed significantly with more and more consumers carrying out enough research online to follow through with their purchase.

At Carzone we realize it is crucial to provide an online car buying journey to consumers and have therefore developed several options that will allow you to shop for your next car without having to leave your home.

Carzone Buy Online


Step 1: Browse thousands of used cars

Download our App or Click Here to browse thousands of used cars online.

Step 2: Tailor your search

Use our simple search feature to refine your results to find the perfect car that meets your needs. Choose the body-type, mileage, maximum price, and more to shop for the perfect car from dealerships nationwide. 

Step 3: Carry out in-depth research online

View hundreds of interior and exterior photos of your favorite cars. Take virtual video tours of cars for sale to explore its condition, space, and features. Gather in-depth information about the specification of the vehicle and even carry out a history check directly from the advert. 

Step 4: Save and compare your favorite cars 

Save all of your favorite cars in one place and compare them side by side. Compare price, mileage, colors, and more to find the best car that suits your needs.  

Step 5: Trade-In your car online

You can now trade-in your car directly from Carzone. Fill out your vehicle's details and condition, and send it on to the seller. Once the seller has received your trade-in request they will be in touch to discuss a valuation and cost against your new car. 

Step 6: Apply for Finance Online 

According to the Carzone Motoring report, 90% of car buyers start their car finance research online. Therefore, we have responded to this key demand by adding the monthly finance cost (whether it is PCP or HP) along with the full cost to our car ads.

We have also added the ability to tailor your repayments using our interactive finance calculator. Once you are happy with your quote you can then apply directly to your dealer online. The dealer will then be in touch to notify you if you have been approved and the next steps for purchasing your new car.

Step 7: Easily contact the trusted seller online

Video Call/Tour: With today’s technology, we now can easily connect with each other via video correspondence. Several dealerships will provide this option to customers where they will call you via your chosen video call software and give you a virtual tour of the vehicle you are interested in. Dealerships that provide this service will have the below video call/tour flag displayed on their ads. 

Live Chat/Text: As the popularity of smartphones continues to grow, most of our communication these days is via text. We now provide an option to connect with your trusted car dealership via live chat or text. This allows you to chat instantly with the seller in order to obtain real-time information about the vehicle you are interested in. To engage with a seller via Live Chat or text just click on one of the pop-ups in the right-hand corner of the ad.

Step 8: Get your new car

Home Delivery: Several car dealerships are now providing a nationwide home delivery service. This means that once you have found your next car and a deal is done, they will deliver your vehicle directly to your door. Car dealerships that provide this service will have the below 'Home Delivery' flag displayed on their ads. If you would like to arrange home delivery contact the dealership for more details. 

Click and Collect: If an ad is displaying the Click and Collect' flag, this means that the dealership offers remote payment options. You may be able to carry out a contactless collection of your new car from your trusted dealership at a nationwide location. If you would like to arrange this contact the dealership for more details.