Best electric vans to buy in Ireland

Electric power is coming to vans in a big way. We look at the current state of the market.

Electric power is gaining momentum in the car world, and it’s coming to the commercial vehicle market, too. In fact, it makes a lot of sense for the ‘last mile’ delivery vehicles – i.e. vans – to use zero emissions technology as much of their driving is in a built-up area. On top of that, they generally don’t cover huge annual mileages and spend their nights parked up in a central hub, which is theoretically ideal for nightly charging up. Here are some of the best-selling electric vans in Ireland this year.

1 – Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Renault Kangoo ZE

Starting from €28,607 (including the €3,800 SEAI grant for business buyers), the Renault Kangoo Z.E. (i.e. Zero Emissions) is offered in three distinct flavours – a small van, an extended ‘Maxi’ van or a crew cab version of the latter with an extra row of seats. The WLTP range of the Kangoo Z.E, which has a 33kWh battery pack, is quoted as 270 kilometres, though Renault sensibly suggests that it can vary between 120 kilometres in winter and 200 kilometres in summer for most drivers. Depending on version, the Kangoo Z.E. load bay has a maximum volume of either 3.5 square metres or 4.6 square metres. It can fully charge in, at best, six hours.

2 – Nissan ENV200

Nissan Electric Van

The Nissan ENV200 van holds up to 4.2 square metres of cargo and its 40kWh battery enables a WLTP ratified range of 200 kilometres. Nissan says that, with fast-charging, it’s possible to charge the ENV200’s battery from 20-80% capacity in 40-60 minutes depending on the power source, while a full charge from a wallbox, using the on-board 6.6kW charger, takes 7.5 hours. The ENV200 is available in two trim levels, starting at €33,500 including the SEAI grant for business buyers.

3 – Renault Master Z.E.

Renault Master ZE Electric Van

The electric version of Renault’s big Master van uses the same 33kWh battery pack as its little sibling, the Kangoo Z.E, so it’s of no surprise that it can’t travel as far on a full charge. Officially, the range is 200 kilometres, but Renault says that drivers should expect closer to 120 kilometres in summer and just 80 kilometres in winter. It can be fully charged up in a minimum of six hours. There are four different body sizes to choose from and a starting price of €75,300.

4 – LDV EV80

The EV80 is LDV’s first electric van – and the company is promising more to follow it. In fact, LDV offers the electric powertrain in two different panel van lengths, crew cab, minibus and chassis cab body styles. It has a chunky 56kWh battery pack, which, according to LDV, allows for a near-200-kilometre range and apparently it’s possible to fully charge it in under two hours.

5 – Mercedes-Benz eVito

One of the newest electric vans on the market is the Mercedes eVito, based on the recently updated Vito panel van platform. Sold in a single long-wheelbase specification, the eVito uses a 41kWh battery pack for a WLTP range of up to 150 kilometres. The eVito’s load bay measures at six square metres and can take up to 1,015kg on up to three ‘europallets.’ The eVito is priced at €39,995 plus VAT, but excluding the €3,800 SEAI grant.