Best car accessories for your dog

If you like to travel with your pooch then we have found some cool canine accessories for your car.

We’ve come a long way since the days when the only car accessory you needed for your pooch to travel in the car was a blanket, or maybe a dog guard behind the back seats. Today there’s everything from harnesses to a portable dog shower. You can spend a few euros or hundreds on something bespoke.

Not surprisingly there’s lots of choice out there, whether you’re buying online from Amazon, heading to the nearest Petstop or Halfords, or going with the official accessories from the car companies. We’ve had a look around and here are some of the items we found for your canine.

The dog harness

Dog Car Harness

All dogs need to be secured in a vehicle these days and one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do that is with a harness. There are loads of options, from a basic harness costing €7.95 at Petstop to something handmade with your dog’s name embroidered on it costing much more. Many of the car companies also have harnesses on their accessories list if you want something that is ‘on brand’.

Land Rover has it all

Land Rover Dog Accessories

It is not surprising that Land Rover has a number of pet accessories, loads in fact. We found everything from a ramp to help your pooch climb in and out of the car to a portable dog-washing machine. Fortunately, Land Rover Ireland also does some useful Pet Packs to make things easier. These include a full height partition and either a load space mat or tray that can be easily removed for cleaning. Alternatively have a browse of the accessories lists and you should find anything you need whether you are a Land Rover owner or not.

Great crates

Dog Crate Car

Dog crates are a popular solution for transporting your pooch in the car. There are plenty of aftermarket options around and you can also get one from some car manufacturers, such as from Ford that have been designed to fit specific models. Some are metal while others have softer materials to make things look, and presumably feel, a bit more comfortable.


Dog Divider Car

An especially useful alternative to the crate is a divider for your boot. It’s like a crate but is generally designed and engineered to perfectly fit the dimensions of your luggage area. This does mean it tends to be an accessory from a car company, but it also ensures you have something that is properly tailored to your car.

Seat has you covered

Dog Car Seat Cover

Covering the rear seats is a good option, especially if your pooch is your kid and you don’t want to put them in the boot. Once you would simply put a blanket down for your dog to curl up on, but these days you can buy a properly tailored cover.

There are loads of options out there to make travelling with your pooch easier for you and easier for them. Whether you want something simple, or tailor made, it’s worth investing in good quality products that perfectly suit the needs of you and your dog so you can enjoy your journeys together.