Best 211 Finance Deals

We've rounded up the 211 deals in one place.

Alfa Romeo – If you take out a 48-month PCP contract, Alfa Romeo Ireland will not only offer you 5.9 per cent APR on the finance, but also sizeable deposit contributions. For the newer models, in the form of the Giulia saloon and Stelvio SUV, these range for €1,750-€2,550 for the former and €1,940-€2,850 for the latter, while there’s just one deal on for the older Giulietta hatchback, seeing a €2,560 contribution to the 1.6 JTD B-Tech.

Audi – The German company has a banner campaign called the Audi Milestones 2021 Sales Event, which sees APR as low as 2.9 per cent on PCP finance deals. Bear in mind the 2.9 per cent is for certain models, like the A6, while others – such as the A3 hatchback and the Q3 crossover-SUV – run at 3.9 per cent. These involve 36-month contracts.

BMW – BMW are highlighting attractive PCP monthly prices from €209 per month on the likes of the 1 Series hatchback, the new 2 Series Gran Coupe is available from just €245 per month and up to €781 per month for non-hybrid versions of the X5 family SUV. Because BMW Ireland has its own in-house bank,  it can offer low interest rates of just 1.9 per cent APR on finance deals.

Citroen – Citroen Ireland’s 211 temptation comes in the form of 0 per cent APR on certain PCP finance deals – specifically for the C3 supermini, the C3 Aircross crossover, the C4 Cactus family hatch, the C5 Aircross family SUV and the Grand C4 Spacetourer seven-seat MPV. The remaining models, such as the C1, Berlingo and Spacetourer, are otherwise offered at 3.9 per cent APR, but there is a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty on all new Citroens purchased right now.

Dacia – The best 211 deal from Dacia Ireland seems to be on the Duster Prestige, which comes with 0 per cent APR on a 36-month finance contract and three months’ worth of deferred payments. Note carefully that this is only for the Prestige model; all other Dusters are offered at 4.9 per cent APR. For other Dacia models, buyers of either the Sandero hatch or its Sandero Stepway spin-off can avail themselves of €500 cashback, 4.9 per cent APR and three months of deferred payments, while the Logan and Logan MCV estates also comes with the option of three months of deferred payments on PCP deals – meaning you can get in a Logan from as little as €119pcm.

Fiat – The Italian company is running deposit contributions of between €500 and €2,200 on its existing range of cars. Therefore, expect per-week finance prices from Fiat starting at (from) €35 on the Panda, €45 on the old 500, €55 on the Tipo and €65 on the 500L and 500X variants.

Ford – Ford is calling its 211 suite of deals ‘Upgrade and Save’. Running a flat 4.9 per cent APR on all PCP contracts and throwing in its seven-year warranty plus seven years’ worth of roadside assistance, there are the following discounts available for the following models: €750 off a Fiesta; €2,350 off an EcoSport; €1,700 off a Puma; €2,950 off a Focus; €3,150 off a Kuga; €2,000 off a Mondeo; €1,200 off an S-Max; and €2,250 off a Galaxy.

Honda – There are two main deals for the Japanese manufacturer in this 211 registration period: the first is on the Honda e electric city car, a recent tie-up with SSE Airtricity meaning customers can enjoy a free home-charging wallbox if they sign up for the Honda e in the period; or, alternatively, there’s 3.9 per cent APR on PCP deals for the Civic range.

Hyundai – As well as Hyundai Ireland’s solid standard offering of the five-year unlimited-mileage warranty, five years’ worth of AA roadside assistance and five years of complimentary health checks on all new models, buyers can then bolt on one of the following three 211 additions: first up, there’s five years’ worth of free servicing to go with the ‘5-5-5’ bundle above; or select 3.9 per cent APR on PCP and HP finance deals; or avail of up to €5,000 of scrappage incentive under the ‘Eco Upgrade’ banner if you trade-in an older, more polluting car. These are either/or choices, of course, so you can’t have 3.9 per cent APR and the Eco Upgrade, for instance. Beyond these, though, there’s also the option to defer payments for three months of Hyundai Finance and €0 deposit on any Hyundai electric vehicle.

Jeep – Only the Renegade has any offers on it from Jeep Ireland for 2021’s new registrations. Both PCP deals run for 48 months at 5.9 per cent APR on the models fitted with the 1.0-litre GSE Turbo petrol engine, and both require a customer deposit of around €5,000-€5,300. But, if you can stump up that cash, Jeep will provide a further €1,215 deposit contribution on the Longitude model and €1,240 on the Nighteagle, resulting in per-calendar-month prices of €311.60 and €324.25, respectively.

Kia – Flexible finance options include 0 per cent APR HP on all new Kias, with a 40 per cent customer deposit, or 3.9 per cent APR across the entire range for PCP deals, or 4.9 per cent – back on HP again – if you can’t find a big down-payment; qualify for the last one with just a 10 per cent deposit. As an extra sweetener, if you order before December 18th then Kia will also throw in a SuperValu gift card worth €500 with every new car confirmed.

Mazda – Mazda Ireland has some cracking deals on some of its motors and further good incentives elsewhere in the range. Headline act is the MX-30 electric crossover-SUV, available from €249pcm on a 4.9 per cent APR finance deal. Then there’s the CX-30 conventional crossover, as well as the Mazda3 Hatchback and Saloon models, which all come with 4.9 per cent APR, a €2,000 deposit contribution and finance payments per-month starting from €254 (CX-30) or €230 (Mazda3). After this, you can either choose to have other Mazda models with a deposit contribution and 5.9 per cent APR on finance, or no deposit contribution and 4.9 per cent finance for lower monthly costs. The CX-5 SUV comes with €1,500 deposit contribution or ongoing costs of €302pcm at 4.9 per cent, the same numbers for the Mazda2 supermini are €750 or €201pcm, and the Mazda6 family car has the choice of €2,000 or €371pcm at the lower interest rate.

Mercedes-Benz – It’s all about the APR on PCP deals at Mercedes-Benz Ireland, with almost all models available at a rate of 4.9 per cent, with a few selected cars – the A-Class and C-Class among them – offered at an even lower 3.9 per cent.

MINI – Four specific offers from the British marque, with one of them on the sought-after Electric. Choose a Level 1 model and MINI Ireland will give you finance at 5.9 per cent APR, leading to costs from €335pcm. There’re even better bargains on the conventional models, with 3.9 per cent APR finance, a €500 ‘upgrade’ contribution to go to a Sport or Exclusive Style model and pcm prices from €208 for the three-door Hatch Cooper S, or the same APR and upgrade contribution for the five-door Hatch from €216pcm, or 2.9 per cent APR, a €1,000 upgrade contribution to Sport or Exclusive Style, and monthlies of €267 on the Countryman.

Mitsubishi – Despite the Japanese outfit announcing it will soon depart European markets, there are still good deals to be had at Mitsubishi Ireland for 211. There’s 0 per cent APR on HP finance for the Outlander PHEV, leading to ongoing costs of €115 per week, while there’s an offer of 2.9 per cent APR HP or a trade-in booster of €2,000 on the L200 pick-up, if you trade in an older 4x4. Finally, the Space Star can be had from as little as €37 per week on PCP with a 3.9 per cent APR rate.

Nissan – Nissan Ireland has one of the most comprehensive arrays of 211 deals for customers, with the star turn being ‘The Power of Zero’. Called this because it relates to a deal on the company’s zero-emissions electric vehicle, the Leaf (including 62kWh battery packs, and only excluding the 40kWh XE variant), buyers can also get 0 per cent APR on finance (two to five years on HP, or 24- or 36-month contracts on PCP), free installation of a home wallbox charger and free servicing costs for one year. You’ll need a 10 per cent deposit and you must fund €5,000 value in the vehicle to qualify, but Nissan claims that if you go for the five-year 0% HP deal and you do 20,000km per annum in the Leaf, you will save €13,210 in that time in both finance and running costs, as well as 11 tonnes of CO2.

Elsewhere, the Subscribe & Drive system allows you to ‘buy’ a new 211-plate Nissan without any sort of deposit, with prices from €351pcm. The company is also guaranteeing €3,000 of scrappage if you trade in an older, more polluting vehicle for a new Nissan, or a rate of 3.9 per cent APR on all its cars, with costs from €44 per week. Finally, if you fancy a new Micra supermini, then there’s 0 per cent APR on HP deals on this – although you do need to find 50 per cent of the cost of the car to avail of this deal. Bear in mind most of the deals listed above are ‘either/or’ choices, so you can’t have a scrappage bonus and 3.9 per cent APR, for instance.

Opel – Simple but effective stuff from Opel, here: there’s a flat rate of 2.9 per cent APR on PCP deals across its entire range, while the German company will also chuck in three years’ worth of free servicing to tempt customers even further. Alternatively, if you feel like making the switch to electric power now, Opel is running a low-cost-finance deal on the Corsa-e, and says that if you’re not satisfied with the zero-emissions car after six months of ownership, then – provided it has done less than 10,000km – the company will take it back and replace it with a petrol or diesel model for no extra cost.

Peugeot – Peugeot’s 211 bag of deals is called Drivetime. In it, all models come with either 3.9 per cent or 4.9 per cent APR on PCP and HP finance, as well as a five-year warranty. On selected models, there’s also a scrappage scheme of up to €4,000, or a deposit contribution option of up to €500.

Renault – Some tasty choices here, as Renault will offer 3.9 per cent APR on PCP or HP deals, with cashback of between €1,000 and €1,500 on all models. That is, if you’re intent on sticking with plain old internal combustion; because, if you pick anything electrified from Renault, which includes hybrids and EVs, then the APR rate drops to 2.11 per cent.

SEAT – SEAT gives you a straight choice of either 0 per cent APR finance on PCP or a scrappage scheme of up to €5,000 for trade-ins. It should be noted that the Leon hatchback and the Alhambra MPV are not on the 0 per cent scheme, instead coming in at 1.9 per cent APR if you choose to finance them, and that you have to move faster for this deal than most of the others on this list – you need to do a deal before the end of November to qualify.

Skoda – The Czech company has gone with a broad 0 per cent APR finance offer on all models, plus three years’ free servicing, as its 211-plate incentive. Like the deals at related marque SEAT, orders for new Skodas need to be taken by December 4th, making this a short-term window of opportunity, and there is one model exempted from the 0 per cent APR deal: the all-new Octavia runs at a minimum of 2.9 per cent APR.

Toyota – There’s a lot going on with Toyota Ireland for the 211-plate period but, covering the over-arching strokes, it’s basically a finance contribution of up to €3,000 on selected cars from the manufacturer, three years’ free servicing as standard on passenger cars, APR rates on finance starting at 2.9 per cent, or – if you don’t want to finance a new Toyota – then you can avail of trade-in boosters of up to €2,500 if you bring in an older, more polluting vehicle in part-exchange.

Volkswagen – A nice little suite of deals from the German giant, with low-rate PCP finance the main selling point. It runs at 1.9, 2.9, 3.9 or 4.9 per cent, except on the all-new Golf, the Passat and the seven-seat Tiguan Allspace SUV – all of which are available at 0 per cent APR. There’s also the option of discounted service plans starting from €10 per month on new 211 deals.

Volvo – Various deals floating around Volvo Ireland at the moment. The XC90 SUV has a €1,500 purchase contribution, the Lounge Pack available for a reduced price of €999 and a complimentary Volvo Service Agreement (VSA), while the smaller XC60 SUV ups the deposit contribution to €2,000 and switches the tech bundle to the Innovation & Audio (I&A) Pack for €699; it, too, has a free VSA. The XC40 crossover is available on 0 per cent APR finance with a three-month payment deferral available on this deal, while the V60 estate comes with the €699 I&A Pack and a complimentary VSA. Finally, the V90 estate has €2,000 off the recommended retail prices and a free VSA if you want it.