10 Best Commercial Vehicles

Identifying the best CVs in the Irish marketplace, across various sectors.

So, you need a van. Or maybe a one-tonne pick-up truck. And you’re not sure what to go with. Well, here we’ve picked the top ten commercial vehicles on sale in Ireland right now, factoring in how well they sell across the country and various different sizes of CV.

Volkswagen Caddy (small van)

The best-selling commercial vehicle in Ireland, year-to-date, and with good reason. It’s not massive but it’s big enough to be practical for businesses, while it even has appeal outside of the commercial world as a lifestyle-type van. Throw in the usual, strong Volkswagen Group powertrains and car-like driving manners, and it’s clear to see why the Caddy comes out on top.

Volkswagen Caddy Ireland

Ford Transit Custom (medium van)

The only vehicle that outsells the Transit Custom – which is not quite the biggest Transit, but still a pretty large machine – is the Caddy, and that’s because the Transit is the go-to vehicle if you need a medium-sized workhorse of a van. Multiple different configurations of cab, load-bed and wheelbase means there’s almost certainly a Transit Custom to suit your needs.

Ford Transit Custom

Renault Kangoo Z.E. (small van)

The Kangoo, overall, is actually outsold by its similar-sized and similar-shaped French rivals, the Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo, but where the Renault scores highly is that there’s a zero-emissions electric version of the Kangoo, called the Z.E. 33. It uses a 33kWh battery to provide a quoted driving range of up to 270km on electric power alone, although in summer months it’s more likely to be around 200km in reality, and in winter around 120km. Nevertheless, that’s more than enough range for urban deliveries, and as it costs only around €3 to fully recharge the battery, the Z.E. 33 has a USP in the commercial sector that’s hard to beat.

Kangoo Z.E Electric van

Mercedes Sprinter (large van)

One of the fastest vehicles on the road. Kidding, of course, but long-wheelbase Sprinters seem to have immense power, if the number of them going rapidly is anything to go by. This is just a great, big van, one that again has loads of configuration options and which has a smattering of Mercedes-Benz passenger-car luxuries contained within its cab. Choose from front-, rear- or four-wheel drive as well, for maximum versatility.

Mercedes Sprinter Ireland

Opel Vivaro (medium van)

The direct rival to the all-conquering Transit Custom and a quality van, which is also available as the Peugeot Expert, Citroen Dispatch and Toyota ProAce – just in case you’re more loyal to any of these brands. However, the Vivaro outsells its badge-engineered stablemates, mainly due to its strong dealer network and support. Like many vans in this class, it has various different versions and crew configurations to suit all needs.

Opel Vivaro Ireland

Volkswagen Crafter (large van)

This mighty contrivance, which competes against the Sprinter and the full-sized Ford Transit, as well as the Renault Master, sells in almost as big numbers as the iconic (and smaller) Volkswagen Transport T6.1. Volkswagen CV’s strong trade-in deals for the 201-plate period should see sales continue to remain robust, and what you have here is a mammoth vehicle that will shift pretty much anything you could possibly need it to. Want something beyond the commercial? Then the Crafter is used as the basis for the epic Grand California camper.

VW Crafter Van Ireland

Ford Ranger (pick-up truck)

The best-selling one-tonne pick-up truck in Europe is also the best-selling pick-up truck in Ireland. The Ranger scores highly because it drives well and has some charismatic engines, such as the 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbodiesel motor in the more luxurious examples. It can be specified as a passenger vehicle and fitted with loads of creature comforts, but it is just as good as a tough workhorse, with single- and double-cab configurations available for those working in industry. Four-wheel drive helps it go anywhere, too.

Ford Ranger Pickup

Volkswagen Golf Van (car-based van)

If you think even the likes of the Berlingo, Partner and Kangoo are too big, then a car-based van is the choice for you. The best-seller here is the Golf, which does what it says on the tin: it’s the excellent Volkswagen family hatchback, only with the back of the car converted to be a full cargo area.

Toyota Hilux (pick-up truck)

This is the second-best-selling pick-up in Ireland and with good reason – the Hilux has been around since the 1960s and is synonymous with being nigh-on indestructible. The current one is no exception, with a good variety of configuration options to enable you to get precisely the truck you need.

Ford Fiesta Van (car-based van)

Like the Golf Van, only smaller. The Fiesta Van really is the ideal city courier, its small shape allowing it to nip around in urban areas where bigger commercials may struggle to manoeuvre. Smooth Ford drivetrains and the superb Fiesta supermini chassis ensure this thing will be a hoot to drive as you make your deliveries and cart goods about.