Your Personalised New Car Quote

Simply select details that are important to you and your preferred Irish retailer from the list below, who will assist in getting the best quote for you.

1. Choose what matters to you



  • Relaxed drive with option for manual control in many cars
  • Usually more expensive to buy than manual
  • Work well with larger engines, and in larger cars
  • Many are less fuel-efficient than manual equivalents


  • Usually cheaper to buy than automatic
  • Driver in full control of gear selection
  • Can become tiresome in stop-start traffic
  • Many small cars only available with manual transmission

Fuel Type


  • Generally cheaper than diesel
  • Petrol cars tend to be cheaper than equivalent diesel
  • Tends to suit buyers with lower annual mileages
  • Widely available, so no problem filling up


  • Generally gives better economy than petrol
  • Widely available, so no problem filling up
  • Generally lower CO2 emissions than equivalent petrol
  • Not suited to lots of short journeys


  • Gives quiet and relaxing drive
  • Very low running costs, thanks to zero CO2 emissions
  • Takes longer to recharge than to refuel petrol or diesel car
  • Shorter range on full charge than on full tank in petrol or diesel car


  • Combines benefits of electric car with longer range
  • Best suited to drivers who spend most of their time in town
  • Plug-in hybrids need to be charged – which can take hours
  • A diesel car will probably be more economical on long motorway runs

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