Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo review

The Sport Turismo estate makes the Taycan more practical without detracting from the handling.

Pros: performance, handling, extra rear space

Cons: only one trim available at launch

The Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo is an estate version of the four-door Taycan that has already made its mark among the best electric cars. It sits between the standard Taycan saloon and the SUV-inspired Cross Turismo, mixing the former’s handling prowess with the latter’s interior space and practicality.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Design

From the front, the Taycan Sport Turismo looks more or less identical to the Taycan saloon. It has the same long nose and headlights, but the back end has changed significantly. The bodywork is much the same as that of the Taycan Cross Turismo, but the Sport Turismo does without the jacked-up suspension and the off-road body cladding.

As with other Porsches, the GTS model is marked out by its black trim around the bottom of the doors and bumpers, as well as the black wheels, black badging and black window trim. For the time being, GTS is the only trim level on offer, but other variants are expected to launch next year, offering their own bespoke design features.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Interior

As is so often the case with Porsches, the Taycan Sport Turismo has a very classy cabin. At the front, it’s much the same as the standard Taycan saloon, with three touchscreens, a digital instrument cluster and a clean, almost button-free design. The quality is peerless, with excellent materials matched only by the way in which they have been constructed. It’s brilliant.

The tech on show is impressive, too, with a good touchscreen navigation system and a handy second screen for the passenger. The touchscreen in the centre console, which has replaced most of the buttons, is a little more clunky, but it gets easier to use the longer you spend with it.

Further back is where the Sport Turismo really shines, with more rear headroom than the four-door Taycan. Both cars have plenty of legroom, but the estate versions are truly capable of carrying four fully grown adults in comfort – even if they’re above average height. And of course, the Sport Turismo has a bigger boot than the saloon, with 446 litres of luggage space when the rear seats are upright.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Performance & Drive

The Taycan Sport Turismo is currently offered solely in GTS guise, so it gets a twin-motor electric system with a massive 93.4kWh battery pack. With a motor on each axle, it’s an all-wheel-drive monster with 518hp and a 490km electric range. But for short periods, it has 598hp, allowing it to power from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds and hit a top speed of 250km/h. That means it’s just as fast as the saloon, despite weighing slightly more and offering more interior space.

It also handles as well as the saloon, which makes it incredibly good through the corners. The steering is a little heavy and short on feel, but the steering response is faultless. The car simply darts into corners, and although it leans slightly more than the saloon, it’s remarkably stable for an estate car. It’s also quite comfortable, with air suspension that’s no more or less supple than in any other Taycan.

As well as matching the Taycan saloon for handling and performance, the Sport Turismo also runs its four-door sibling close when it comes to range. Admittedly, the saloon will top 500km on the official economy test, but both cars are capable of well over 300km in real-world situations, and those who exercise restraint with the accelerator might manage 350km without too much trouble.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Pricing

Porsche has not yet announced prices for the new Sport Turismo, but it is not expected to cost significantly more than the equivalent saloon. Initially, only the GTS model will be offered in Ireland, with 4S and Turbo models following next year.

Carzone Verdict: 4.5/5

Mixing performance and beauty, the Sport Turismo is the most convincing of all the Taycan body shapes. It’s incredibly fast, spacious enough for four passengers and it’s even more beautiful than the Taycan saloon to our eyes. It goes straight in among the best electric cars on the planet.

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