Will mild hybrids be banned?

Will mild hybrids be banned?

Dear Shane Do you know if 'mild' hybrids are included in the government's proposed 2030 ban on diesel and petrol cars? We are thinking of buying a Volvo XC40, would you recommend one and will they hold their value or should we opt for the plug in version? Thanks Tony

Our answer:

Hi Tony,

Mild hybrids will not be exempted from the ban as far as I know, but of course 2030 is a long way off and we don't have any view of what the rules will be as yet. Saying that, the ban, if it happens as announced, will be on sales of new petrol and diesel cars, not a ban on older ones, at least not for a decade after that. Hence, I wouldn't panic right now about getting into a plug-in hybrid or electric car if it doesn't suit your needs and budget. 

The XC40 is one of my favourite premium compact SUVs, in all formats, and I would expect it to hold its value quite well.

Shane O'Donoghue

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