Which petrol auto for about €13,000?

Which petrol auto for about €13,000?

Hi Shane, Thank you for your prompt and informative reply,only for your expert advice i could have walked myself into very expensive trouble. regarding the purchase of a used C-class Merc. 2008/2013. i have a budget of 13,000 euro what i"m looking for is petrol/ automatic and not too small bodywise say 1.6 or 1.8 ltrs any sugestions? Thanks again ,hope you will be with carzone for many years regards.

Our answer:

Hi Bernard,

The only issue is that your petrol engine choice is very limited in that price bracket right now. Possibly your best option might be a Toyota Avensis 1.6 Valvematic, which is very refined, ultra-reliable and frugal, but not especially interesting. If you fancy something a bit more ‘premium’ then the only options are to go for a diesel or to try and increase the budget a bit and get into a hybrid Lexus IS 300h.

Shane O'Donoghue

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